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After completing a double major in linguistics and sociology in Yonsei University, since 2016, I have contributed to find ways for women to speak more clearly and loudly under the patriarchal system, using plural methods as below, however converge as mentioned above, as paroles do:

Writer of 5 books, including the best-seller on feminism in South Korea titled 'We Need Language' and on 'Talcorset' (Escape the Corset).' Founder of a feminist publishing company, and translator of 12 English/French feminist books, including that of Christine Delphy. An activist working to legalize abortion, and the establisher of a foreign language institute aimed at women empowerment. Earned master's degrees consecutively in french simultaneous interpretation in HUFS, and gender and culture studies in Yonsei University. 

Meanwhile, I was eager to "show the world that you don't have to be blood-related, but you can become a family just with intellectual connections", and my words are now proudly featured in The Economist. 

As my voice to revolve the society is being heard in a broader world, now I hope to engrave it with my own words, with same perseverance as always. 


Votre soumission est terminée.

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